A New Dawn: The First Legal Hemp Cultivation in Costa Rica

October 3, 2023

Cañas, Costa Rica – Taboga and Zegreenlab, two prominent enterprises, have unveiled a groundbreaking milestone in the heart of Costa Rica’s agricultural hub, Cañas: the inaugural legal hemp cultivation in the nation.

After a span of 97 days, these companies have provided an initial glimpse of the progress achieved in the Taboga Mill, where two distinct hemp varieties have taken root One of these strains is earmarked for fiber production, while the other will be dedicated to cannabidiol (CBD).

One of these strains is earmarked for fiber production, while the other will be dedicated to cannabidiol (CBD). It’s noteworthy that hemp cultivation in tropical regions has remained dormant for the past seven decades.

Emmanuel Javogue, the CEO of Zegreenlab, asserts, “We are notably gratified with the initial varieties. Our scrutiny has encompassed various factors influencing this plant, as well as cultivation methodologies, and we can affirm that it demonstrates commendable resilience.”

Ashley Javogue, co-founder of Zegreenlab, at the experimental cultivation site of Taboga, Cañas, Costa Rica.”

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) conducted an audit of the project on the Taboga Mill’s experimental field this past August. MAG officials meticulously examined the array of advancements in both greenhouse and open-field hemp cultivation, ensuring that these endeavors are aligned with rigorous standards and stringent quality benchmarks.

The “Industrial Hemp for Food and Industrial Use Law” (No. 10,113), ratified in Costa Rica during March 2022, has unfurled a spectrum of prospects for indigenous farmers and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

“Taboga is now a part of the global research initiative, committed to unraveling and harnessing the manifold benefits of hemp for humanity. Our enthusiasm is unwavering, and we remain resolute in our dedication to pioneering innovations that promise to supply Costa Rica and the world with superlative products”; officials said on a press release.

The partnership between Taboga and Zegreenlab in Cañas represents a significant step in the hemp industry, with the potential to boost Costa Rica’s economy and sustainability. It is expected to create new opportunities for local farmers and drive innovative research into hemp’s many uses.

This project also marks a crucial move towards diversifying crops in Costa Rica, reducing our reliance on monoculture farming. Furthermore, it’s likely to attract investments and promote eco-friendly farming practices nationwide.

As the hemp industry continues to grow, Costa Rica is positioning itself as a key player in the global hemp sector, both regionally and internationally.

“Emmanuel Javogue, CEO of Zegreenlab, and María Andrea Arias, CEO of Taboga, at their experimental cultivation site in Taboga.”

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