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–based in Costa Rica

Zegreenlab  is a pioneering company in the study, research, and creation of hemp-based products in Costa Rica and Central America. The renowned work of our passionate team has highlighted our company as the leading innovator in the development of alternatives for the botanical, pharmaceutical, and ecological building industries.

Our mission

Across all the collaborating teams and brands, Zegreenlab is committed with the permanent mission of delivering unique product lines, services, and nature-inspired vital environments to its customers, partners, and associated collaborators. With the highest quality and cutting-edge technology.

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Our values

Zegreenlab  represents a consortium dedicated to the research and development of solutions for today’s human being. Each project has been inspired by the heart of the Costa Rican and tropical biodiversity; the complex natural interactions that occur between the plant and animal species, a balanced ecosystem that everyone calls home. We work in harmony with values to grow into a 21st century company.

Peek the result of our work.
We create innovative solutions, and our brands share the story of our work.

The botanical essence of
Costa Rica

Osmosis CBD is the first brand in Central America with products being sold in pharmacies and stores throughout the country. Our experts are focused on the development of scientifically and naturally suitable formulations for all kinds of people. The best of science and nature, combined in a wide range of products.

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Buildings inspired in
the tropical harmony

Zegreenlab Construction is a pioneering venture in the ecological and sustainable construction field. In addition to be the first Costa Rican company building with hemp’s fibers and hurds, we have done research for more than 5 years in the application of other fibers from tropical plants. We can proudly say that we are pioneers in the development of a new category of renewable materials in construction: concrete based on vegetable fibers.


An exhibition of art, fashion,
gastronomy, CBD, and hemp

The elegant setting it’s located in one of the most exclusive areas of San José. It has been created so that everyone can visit, contribute, and make out of this space a never seen experience about the work with hemp.


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Medical Cannabis News it’s a core for information and specialized data distribution channel about cannabis. With an innovative journalistic style, journalists cover testimonials, current affairs, research, and editorials, making a difference in the public opinion. The credibility made across the years has made MCN be worth of a privileged number of readers from many English and Spanish speaking countries in America and Europe.


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