Natural Construction

We believe in a new archetype of construction, as an approach to contribute to the Costa Rican decarbonization strategy for 2050.

We are specialized in the use of rice husk, sugarcane bagasse and hemp to generate low carbon footprint, comfortable, breathable, and warn settings.

The reduced use of concrete, along with renewable resources, introduces a simple construction method that allows all people to be part of the construction of their own homes.

Zegreenlab Construction has passionately supported the use of hemp and other vegetable materials within the Costa Rican construction industry since 2014.


Building a world with hemp
& natural fibers

Since 2014, we have invested in the execution of training workshops, postgraduate scholarships, and research for the creation of new formulations of materials, products, technologies, and plant-based techniques for the building industry.

We want to show Costa Rica as an example of future development with our research on local fibers and the active leading academic agreement between the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC) and the ENPTE, of the University of Lyon (France).

The Hemp Revolution

We are constantly innovating and building new projects with vegetable fibers, ensuring comfortable spaces.

Look at our projects

Casa So

Exterior walls for thermal isolation with hemp

Pura Vida French Touch Store

Souvenir and interior decoration store

Casa Soti Wall

Architectonic interior wall

Casa Sol & Luna

Remodeling, interior decoration, and landscaping