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Zegreenlab is the first Costa Rican company dedicated to the development of business and technological solutions employing Hemp, Cannabis derivates, the natural enrichment of endemic Costa Rican plants and local resources.
We specialize in sustainable construction, research, communication, and education, since 2012. During our history, we have constituted large events like CannaCosta, celebrated educational agreements between universities from Costa Rica and France, and built a trustworthy source of information for the world.

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Our product catalog is registered in the national system of health, complying with current local and foreign regulations.
We work with the best laboratories and manufacturers in Costa Rica. This seal guarantees the stability, hygiene, and control, complying with the strict standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).
We select the best providers and sources in the national market, along with laboratory analysis to ensure they are free of pesticides, contamination, and heavy metals.

Our Brands

An innovative center for construction with natural fibers, Zegreenlab Construction is the first Costa Rican company dedicated to the research and recycling of natural fibers like hemp, flax, sunflower stem, rice husk, sugarcane bagasse, and others.
The leading Latin American magazine for Medical Cannabis and Hemp, our reading audience reaches more than one million homes in Latin America, United States, Spain, and France. Enjoy our high quality and informative interviews, special audiovisual series, videos, documentaries, articles, patients’ stories, and much more.
Our oil, tincture, natural edible, and cosmetic formulas are conceived using wide-spectrum cannabis extracts and therapeutic plants from the tropical Costa Rican forest, with a Good Manufacturing Practices certification.

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