Ecological Development
& Bio Solutions

We are a Costa Rican company created in 2011 dedicated to the development of the medical cannabis and industrial hemp sectors in Central America.

We are the first company in the region to research, develop and promote Environmental, Industrial & Educational projects, providing products derived from cannabis and the know-how to implement them.

We strive towards a vision worthy of the 21st century and new philosophies for building businesses with environmental and social responsibility.


Medical Cannabis
New opportunities for those who need it

Medical cannabis is a very effective medicine used by patients around the world for pain-relief and the treatment of various illnesses or chronic conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, seizures and nerve pain, and to alleviate the symptoms caused by chemotherapy.

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Industrial Hemp

With focused and sustained research and development, hemp could spur dramatic ecological and economic benefits in Latin America, in harmony with the environmental and health standards of today.

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We want everyone to be informed and be part of an educated discussion.


Through conferences, online media and publishing, Zegreenlab has been a pioneer in the area of information and the most respected source for Spanish-speaking countries in the last few years.

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The first media in all Central America dedicated to medical cannabis and industrial hemp; stay tuned.

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