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Pioneers in Sustainable Research & Development

Established in 2012, Zegreenlab is the first Costa Rican company doing research and executing projects with Hemp and its derivates. Aligned with the country's plan for decarbonization in 2050, part of our focus is on the usage and research of natural fibers for construction.

For eight years, we have been researching, developing businesses, and educating.

Since 2017, we have led workshops and research partnerships between the National School of State Public Works (ENTPE) of the University of Lyon and the Technological University of Costa Rica (TEC). Inside this agreement, architects and engineers, Costa Rican and French, research the innovative usage of Hemp and other natural fibers for the development of a more sustainable, energy efficient, and less contaminating infrastructure.

Our research, development and manufacturing processes have been designed to follow the rigorous standards of the Good Manufacturing Practices certification. Committed to keep the highest quality, our business partners must also comply with the guidelines of the certification.

Innovation for Better Living

Following the spirit of a better life, inspired by nature, one of our latest endeavors involves the reactivation of local communities with the usage of hemp as an ecological alternative. This includes the conception of sustainable designs and construction, with leading models and precedents like our showcase home in Playa Flamingo, and a vacation home located in Playa Avellanas, both in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

We trust our mission towards the promotion and integration of Circular Economic Models, in benefit of local societies and the environment. Within this vision, we hold partnerships with local manufactures, providers and businesses, sourcing most of our materials and activities from the same communities where we develop our projects. As we grow, our local grounds nurture their development.

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