The Scientist: The Documentary of Raphael Mechoulam’s Research On Cannabis

The Scientist: The Documentary of Raphael Mechoulam’s Research On Cannabis

The Scientist & The Director

  • This documentary was made by Zach Klein in collaboration with the organization Fundación CANNA.
  • The research made by Raphael Mechoulam startded a new age of research on cannabis.

Important film director and researcher on the usage of medical cannabis and the reduction of medical drugs. One of the most important documentaries about medical cannabis has been produced and directed by him, Prescribed Grass (2009). We are really proud of his participation in the 2015 conference CannaCosta and we are excited by the publication of his latest documentary.

We are talking about Zach Klein, personal documentarian of  Dr. Rafael Mechoulam, the Israeli scientist who discovered the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in 1964 and whose team discovered the components of the endocannabinoid system. Klein is releasing his latest documentary, “The Scientist”. Which is based on the life of this important scientific and knowledge that have left his research on cannabis.

On this documentary we will discover how Dr. Mechoulam found the components of cannabis and research on people Dentro de este documental descubriremos como el Dr. Mechoulam llegó a encontrar los componentes del cannabis y realizó investigaciones en personas, in addition his best anecdotes, as when he managed to find the cannabis for research.

On January, 2006, he was declared by the Complutense University of Madrid as “Doctor Honoris Causa.” For his research and contribution to science, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam has also received honors and awards offered by different universities and organizations. In 2011 he received the NIDA Discovery Award.


Zach Klein at CannaCosta 2015

During the month of June, 2015, in the CannaCosta event, organized by Zegreenlab, we had the honor of the presence and participation of the director of this documentary. During this event, Zach shared about the use of medical cannabis in Israel, including some very inspiring stories. He showed that patients with severe Parkinson tremors, stopped completely after just a couple of inhalations of cannabis. He shared Alzheimer and autism patients improved dramatically after using cannabis, as well as sharp reductions in the consumption of conventional pharmaceuticals, which had been causing a series of debilitating side effects.

During this event showed different extracts of his documentaries, among which stands Prescribed Grass, a documentary that talks about the medicinal use of cannabis in Israel, and it shows who are the real medical cannabis users, the real patients.


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