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Costa Rica Will Host Conference On Medicinal Use Of Cannabis

Fox News Latino / EFE – May 19, 2015

The CannaCosta 2015 conference is sponsored by the Costa Rican company focused on a green and sustainable development, Zegreenlab … The activity aims to promote education in different sectors of the Costa Rican society on medical cannabis and industrial hemp.

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Experts insist on medical use of cannabis – June 7, 2015

In a speech on Saturday in the CannaCosta 2015, the first Central American conference on this issue, Petro said that since 1980 conducts studies on the clinical properties of cannabis, some of those for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and FDA.

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Specialists Will Discuss The Use Of Cannabis For Medicinal Purposes

Teletica – May 28, 2015

From around the world will arrive physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs to participate in the CannaCosta conference, the first in Central America on the uses of cannabis, a product stigmatized by many.

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CannaCosta Conference – Costa Rica

IDPC (International Drug Policy Consortium) – June 6, 2015

Organized by Zegreenlab S.A. in collaboration with the Costa Rican Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp.  For this conference important doctors, scientists, businessmen and politicians from around the world will visit the country.

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International Speakers Share Voice In Favor Of The Medical Use Of Cannabis In The Country – June 6, 2015

The activity called Cannacosta 2015 was based at the facilities of the National Cultural Center (Cenac). In the event exhibitions on human rights of drug users, the social impact in cities that have legalized the use of cannabis and regulations regarding to its use.

The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Youth, and is organized by the company Zegreenlab .

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Advances the debate on Medical Cannabis

Semanario Universidad- June 10, 2015

The event, held at the National Cultural Center (CENAC) last weekend, with the participation of 21 national and international experts, from scientists, patients, artists, politicians, filmmakers and historians, who expressed their support the use of medical cannabis.

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Medical Marijuana would leave at least $37 millions to the state in four years

El Financiero – August 29, 2015

According to estimates by Zegreenlab, would generate between 2,000 and 5,000 direct jobs, considering the personnel hiring patterns of Colorado in the United States.

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Costa Rican Ministry of Health Releases Criteria for Pending Medical Marijuana Bill

Drug Policy Alliance – June 15, 2015

The Health Ministry’s criteria came right before CannaCosta2015, the first annual conference on medical and industrial uses of marijuana and hemp in Central America, took place. Held in Costa Rica’s capital in early June, the conference had panels with national and international researchers, businessmen, doctors, and politicians.

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