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Medical Cannabis News

Our goal is to allow the citizenship to be informed and be part of an educated discussion in their regions. In recent years, MCN has been pioneer informing about Medical Cannabis and the industrial usage of Hemp.

Since 2014, we are home to the converging center of knowledge and the first cannabis magazine for Central and Latin American countries, Medical Cannabis News. In this media asset you will find information on Medical Cannabis, Industrial Hemp, Culture, Health, and Lifestyle; interviews, special audiovisual series, videos, documentaries, informative articles, patient stories, and more.

Educational Alliance & Research

In recent years, we celebrate and lead a research agreement between the National School of State Public Works (ENTPE) of the University of Lyon (France), and the Technological University of Costa Rica, (TEC). Within this partnership, Costa Rican architects and students are being trained and participate in the investigation of natural fibers in construction, including Hemp.


At the dawn of the Cannabis discussion in Costa Rica (2015), the first Central American Cannabis conference, CannaCosta, took place. More than twenty local and international experts got together to enlighten the Costa Rican citizenship. During the two-day conference, more than two thousand participants got educated by top experts and enjoyed multicultural informative stands.


On June 6th and 7th, 2015, at the National Center of Culture (CENAC), the first Central American cannabis conference, CannaCosta, took place. The event brought together experts from Costa Rica and across the world to discuss the benefits of medicinal Cannabis and industrial hemp. Doctors, scientists, politicians, caregivers, and activists provided invaluable insights on how Costa Ricans can most effectively use Cannabis to improve the health of their people and the strength of the economy.
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